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Flathead Lake

Vast views of Flathead Lake from home in Lakeside, MT. Both the Swan Range and Mission Mountain Range are snowcapped.

Vast views of Flathead Lake from home in Lakeside, MT. Both the Swan Range and Mission Mountain Range are snow-capped.

Flathead Lake in  Montana is one of the 300 largest natural lakes in the world and the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River.  Being so large, the lake attracts real estate investors, vacation home buyers and waterfront enthusiasts to its shoreline.

According to studies done at the  Flathead Lake Biological Station in Yellow Bay (located just south of Bigfork, MT), the water in Flathead Lake is among the cleanest in the world.  Every New Years folks take to the lake for the annual Polar Bear Plunge in Woods Bay on the eastshore and the plunge in Polson Bay on the south shore.  Bigfork offers the annual Dragon Boat Festival on the shores of Fathead Lake:

The lake, located in NW Montana and about 8 miles south of Kalispell, is about 191 square miles in surface area with an average depth of 164 feet and a maximum depth of 370 feet.  The varied shoreline meanders over 160 miles around all of the waterfront property with the towns of Bigfork, Lakeside & Somers, Rollins, Elmo, Big Arm and Polson on its shores.  Wild Horse Island in Big Arm Bay near Rollins, is managed by Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and is open for day use to enjoy the 2,100 acres of land.  A few lucky people have private ownership of lake property on Wildhorse Island. Hikers will see bighorn sheep and wild horses. There are many public access points on Flathead Lake, with most at one of the beautiful Montana State Parks dotting the shore line. (For a wonderful synopsis of the parks around Flathead Lake, read Water,Water Everywhere.)  A favorite among locals is WayFarer’s State Park with it large rocks on which to sunbathe (or jump off of to cool down.)

Take a 3 minute photo video tour of Flathead Lake:

Flathead Lake - Wayfarer's State Park

Sunbathers and swimmers enjoy the rocks at Wayfarer State Park.


Flathead Lake real estate would be considered mostly developed with vacation homes for sale, high end custom lakefront homes, cabins, condos and few unimproved land or property sites available for sale . The Flathead Lake real estate market has reflected the inventory over the years with “hot years” showing only a handful of homes for sale, and also slow sales years with high inventory of over a 150 homes for sale.  View our visual tour inventory including Flathead Lake homes for sale .

The 2013 Flathead Lake Market Recap:  January – December 2013 showed final sales on Flathead Lake to be 39 homes sold (median sale was $695,000)  and 15 vacant land properties sold.

The highest sale on the lake went for $2,850,000 and was located just south of Bigfork.  The home was fairly new and decked out with beautiful amenities on 111 ft of Flathead Lake frontage.  It sold rather quickly, only 111 days on market!   The least expensive sale went for $279,000.  This eastshore cabin on 97 ft frontage was seasonal and basically a “fixer-upper”, with the property being split by Hwy 35.

Here is what is For Sale now: