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More listing exposure from improved real estate website

Last August we completed a significant investment to upgrade our marketing website with the result being the premier real estate website you currently are on!    🙂    It’s always an unknown in advertising as to whether what you think will happen actually will happen. Well, we are quite pleased with the awesome content resulting in a significant increase in traffic on the site which has continued for the following months. All of this should benefit the overall exposure for all Scott Hollinger Team represented properties.

Google Analytics provides a chart showing the Website activity since Fall 2012 upgrade on this most popular search engine, where this website is ranked super high in most Flathead Lake / Flathead Valley related real estate searches. You’ll see where the change on the blue line happened at the launch of the improved site in August, 2012 compared to the traffic in 2011 (orange line). With an average of over 200 visitors a day now to the site, we have a good mix of loyal searchers (39.5%) who return to the site time after time along with attracting new visitors (60.5%).  So if you are thinking of selling, get with real estate professionals who actually have an audience!

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