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Highline Boulevard, West Glacier Highline Boulevard, West Glacier Highline Boulevard, West Glacier
West Glacier
Heirloom family-owned property: 101 acres at the West Entrance to Glacier National Park. This rare offering has not changed hands for 75 years. Perfect for a spacious, private residential retreat, just steps from historic West Glacier Village and the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. With Glacier National Park close by, this premier location boasts classic mountain views and proximity to amenities, but is private, spacious and peaceful. Land use restrictions prohibit this property from becoming developed for income producing purposes such as vacation rentals or commercial use. For more information, contact Jake Berry at 406-261-5095 or your real estate professional.

Land: 101.03 acres
MLS Number: 21909068
Days on Market: 431

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Nhn Hersman Hill Road
Land: 273.00 acres
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Swan Lake, Swan River Cedar Cr
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Nhn Rose Crossing
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1 Lakeside Boulevard, Whitefish
1 Lakeside Boulevard
Land: 0.41 acres
MLS Number: 22003200
3900/3930 Foothills Road, Kalispell
3900/3930 Foothills Road 159+ Acres
Land: 159.10 acres
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375 North Hilltop Road
Columbia Falls, Garnier Creek
Land: 28.70 acres
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Nhn Parcel 5 - Sherman Road, Kalispell
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2577/2585 Highway 93 North, Kalispell
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Kalispell, Stillwater River
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Waterfront: Navigable
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Nhn Pheasant Run, Whitefish
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Nhn Stardust Trail, Fortine
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Fortine, Fortine Creek
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Nhn Us Highway 93 North, Whitefish
Nhn Us Highway 93 North
Whitefish, Stillwater River
Land: 66.00 acres
Waterfront: Navigable
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Nhn West Spring Creek Road, Kalispell
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Nhn Rose Crossing, Kalispell
Nhn Rose Crossing
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411 Lodgepole Drive, Marion
411 Lodgepole Drive
Marion, Little Bitterroot Lk
Land: 40.38 acres
Waterfront: Navigable
MLS Number: 22007173
Nhn North Fork Road, Columbia Falls
Nhn North Fork Road
Columbia Falls
Land: 81.41 acres
MLS Number: 22012090
Nhn Us Hwy 93 West, Whitefish
Nhn Us Hwy 93 West
Whitefish, Stillwater River
Land: 113.10 acres
Waterfront: Navigable
MLS Number: 22001090
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240 West Valley Drive
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MLS Number: 21916168
Nhn Wisconsin Avenue, Whitefish
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36763 Mud Creek Lane, Ronan
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Lot 3 East Lakeshore Drive, Whitefish
Lot 3 East Lakeshore Drive
Whitefish, Hell Roaring Creek
Land: 43.23 acres
MLS Number: 21809490
5110 Montana Hwy 35, Kalispell
5110 Montana Hwy 35
Land: 146.45 acres
MLS Number: 22011914
Nhn Mt-83, Bigfork
Nhn Mt-83
Bigfork, Johnson Creek
Land: 247.00 acres
MLS Number: 22010710
Nhn West Springcreek Road, Kalispell
Nhn West Springcreek Road
Land: 99.22 acres
MLS Number: 22008618
362 Mule Deer Trail, Whitefish
362 Mule Deer Trail
Whitefish, Whitefish Lake
Land: 15.00 acres
Waterfront: Access Only
MLS Number: 22005034
705/707 Conrad Point Road, Lakeside
705/707 Conrad Point Road
Lakeside, Flathead Lake
Land: 1.25 acres
Waterfront: Navigable
MLS Number: 21918724
215 Loch Lane, Marion
Hollinger Team Exclusive!
215 Loch Lane
Marion, Bitterroot Lake
Land: 20.20 acres
Waterfront: Navigable
MLS Number: 22005482
275 Spring Creek Road, Somers
275 Spring Creek Road
Land: 19.46 acres
MLS Number: 22005365
Nhn Johnson Creek Trail, Bigfork
Nhn Johnson Creek Trail
Bigfork, Johnson Creek
Land: 360.00 acres
MLS Number: 22011421
230 Sward Drive, Lakeside
Hollinger Team Exclusive!
230 Sward Drive
Land: 188.00 acres
MLS Number: 22008508
130&140 Lookout Lane, Whitefish
130&140 Lookout Lane
Land: 6.20 acres
MLS Number: 22010729
45746 Kaiser Road, Ronan
45746 Kaiser Road
Land: 525.00 acres
MLS Number: 22003403
Nhn Twin Bridges Road, Whitefish
Nhn Twin Bridges Road
Whitefish, Stillwater River
Land: 42.14 acres
Waterfront: Navigable
MLS Number: 22009943
1452/1514 Highway 2 West, Kalispell
1452/1514 Highway 2 West
Land: 8.36 acres
MLS Number: 21918163
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