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Home Inspection by the Seller

Came across this in-depth article on having a pre-inspection done by a Seller prior to listing or at the time of listing. Very good perspective on this tool for Sellers to get better offers.

Happy Customers in 2014 (Team Real Estate Sales)

TEAM SALES for 2014  The following is a list from most recent back to the beginning of the year of our sales around the Flathead Valley and across all price ranges.  If you would like more details on any of these sales please let us know!   WHITEFISH:  Two turnkey condos side by side for (continued…)

Fixing up your home before selling

Just read an article which might help you decide whether to fix an item in your home before trying to sell.  Its always a tough decision, but this author has some good points.  If you ever are wondering if you should make a repair to your Montana home before listing, please don’t hesitate to phone (continued…)

Myths about selling real estate

Should I listen to my neighbor on pricing?  Should I change out that stained carpet?  Can I sell my place “as-is”?  To help answer these question and others I came upon this great article this morning that talks about some common myths when selling a home or land.

More listing exposure from improved real estate website

Last August we completed a significant investment to upgrade our marketing website with the result being the premier real estate website you currently are on!    🙂    It’s always an unknown in advertising as to whether what you think will happen actually will happen. Well, we are quite pleased with the awesome content resulting in (continued…)

“Analysis Paralysis” can be costly

While working with a number of client sellers this year, I’ve come to note in some a state of “Paralysis by Analysis”.  Brought on by the recent falling market and the uncertainty of whether we are at the bottom of the market (and coupled with an unknown election outcome) there is real loss of direction (continued…)

Haggling (otherwise known as Negotiating)

I’ve been watching an interesting show on PBS called “Market Warriors” which is about 4 antique buyers who are given challenges to buy and sell antiques.  The four buyers are followed around and you can watch their different methods of haggling to get the best deal.  The four have vastly different personalities and in any (continued…)

Pricing wisdom

Words of Wisdom:  “Price your property high enough so that you can sleep at night, but not so high that buyers in the marketplace will feel that your property will be available for any length of time.”  

Buyer Feedback… or the dreaded silence

How to interpret Buyer Feedback and Showing frequency: 1.  If there are no, or a low amount of inquiries, and few or no showings, then the market (Buyers) have rejected the price.  Pricing has missed the mark and is in need of a significant repositioning.  We typically recommend a 10% change in order to shift (continued…)

How big is the RE/MAX reach?

Hot off the presses is the recent news from RE/MAX that international house hunters can visit and find over 300,000 properties around the world.  Most impressive is that the website can be seen in 33 languages and includes the all important currency converter!  Anyone who has a home listed with a RE/MAX agent is (continued…)

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