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285/280 Shady Lane, Bigfork 285/280 Shady Lane, Bigfork 285/280 Shady Lane, Bigfork
Bigfork, Swan River
Shady Lane River Ranch awaits your western lifestyle. Imagine yourself in the main level ranch house on expansive Swan River with the alpenglow warming the majestic Swan Mountains as your background. The trappers cabin was built onsite in the 1940s and has seamlessly been incorporated into the home with two separate additions to the ranch house. Cozy fireplaces greet you in the great room and dining area warming both hearth and heart. The spacious kitchen offers plenty of prep room and modern appliances. The study offers an opportunity for privacy and quiet contemplation with a screened-in porch and infrared sauna beyond the terrace. The grand primary bedroom offers the glow of the stove and numerous built-ins. Step onto the terrace to the bunkroom, sauna, and secret garden. Guests will enjoy their separate quarters adjacent to the meadow, arena, corrals, barn, seasonal stream, and pond. North boundary is 100 acres of Montana State Trust Land. Mostly furnished with few exclusions!*** Guest house utilized as short-term rental. Two amazing homes for you to choose: main house on waterfront and log secondary dwelling near your four-footed friends, corrals and shelter. Main house offers two bedrooms and three baths with 2,523 sq. ft. Guest house offers two bedrooms and one bath with 1,002 sq ft. Two RV hook-ups for additional income producing opportunities. Water Rights for Swan River, pond, and artesian well. A short drive to the amenities of Bigfork Village. Lifestyle opportunities in the Bob Marshall, Jewel Basin, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Blacktail, and Glacier National Park. The cities of Kalispell and Whitefish are within range for supplies. Need to get out of Dodge? Glacier Park International Airport is your gateway to the world beyond. Call Denise Lang (406-249-1758) or your real estate professional.
4 Bedrooms/4 Baths
Living Area: 3525 Sq. Feet
Land: 5.73 acres
Waterfront: Navigable Water,Pond,River Access,Seasonal,Stream,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30019841
Days on Market: 41

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13973 Sylvan Drive, Bigfork
13973 Sylvan Drive
Bigfork, Flathead Lake
3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms
Living Area: 4079 Sq. Feet
Land: 3.02 acres
Waterfront: Lake,Navigable Water,Seawall,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30000957
24037 Geri Lane, Bigfork
Hollinger Team Exclusive!
24037 Geri Lane
Bigfork, Swan Lake
4 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms
Living Area: 7574 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.65 acres
Waterfront: Dock Access,Lake,Navigable Water,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30012049
3600 Us Highway 93 W, Whitefish
3600 Us Highway 93 W
18 Bedrooms/12 Bathrooms
Living Area: 8333 Sq. Feet
Land: 30.91 acres
MLS Number: 30010193
3804 Big Sky Street, Whitefish
3804 Big Sky Street
7 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms
Living Area: 8192 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.29 acres
MLS Number: 30015971
21 Marina Crest Lane, Whitefish
21 Marina Crest Lane
Whitefish, Whitefish Lake
6 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5396 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.46 acres
Waterfront: Lake,Water Access
MLS Number: 30026405
85 Blanchard View Drive, Whitefish
85 Blanchard View Drive
Whitefish, Blanchard Lake
5 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms
Living Area: 4947 Sq. Feet
Land: 9.93 acres
Waterfront: Lake,Water Access
MLS Number: 30023085
1460 Lower Valley Road, Kalispell
1460 Lower Valley Road
Kalispell, Private Pond
5 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms
Living Area: 6974 Sq. Feet
Land: 31.14 acres
Waterfront: Other,Pond,Waterfront
MLS Number: 22118276
269 Shooting Star Circle, Whitefish
269 Shooting Star Circle
4 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms
Living Area: 4047 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.79 acres
MLS Number: 30026173
980 Wagner Lane, Kalispell
980 Wagner Lane
Kalispell, Flathead River
4 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms
Living Area: 3707 Sq. Feet
Land: 22.00 acres
Waterfront: Navigable Water,River Access,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30023397
32187 Tiffany Shore Lane, Bigfork
32187 Tiffany Shore Lane
Bigfork, Flathead Lake
4 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms
Living Area: 2506 Sq. Feet
Land: 1.50 acres
Waterfront: Lake,Navigable Water,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30010008
426 Colbalt Drive, Kalispell
426 Colbalt Drive
Land: 0.91 acres
MLS Number: 30019372
2655 U.s. Hwy 2 E, Kalispell
2655 U.s. Hwy 2 E
2 Bedrooms/1 Bathrooms
Living Area: 1440 Sq. Feet
Land: 52.02 acres
MLS Number: 22216633
1675 Haywire Gulch, Kalispell
1675 Haywire Gulch
5 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms
Living Area: 2718 Sq. Feet
Land: 91.99 acres
Waterfront: Pond
MLS Number: 30023874
420 Deer Creek Road, Lakeside
420 Deer Creek Road
Lakeside, Private Pond
13 Bedrooms/10 Bathrooms
Living Area: 14162 Sq. Feet
Land: 23.07 acres
Waterfront: Dock Access,Other,Pond,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30023020
3700 Glen Lake Road, Eureka
3700 Glen Lake Road
Eureka, Therriault Creek
4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms
Living Area: 6272 Sq. Feet
Land: 49.22 acres
Waterfront: Creek,Dock Access,Pond,Stream,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30023960
31315 Montana Hwy 35, Polson
31315 Montana Hwy 35
Polson, Flathead Lake
5 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5090 Sq. Feet
Land: 7.73 acres
Waterfront: Dock Access,Lake,Navigable Water,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30026286
263 Moose Run Drive, Whitefish
263 Moose Run Drive
5 Bedrooms/8 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5160 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.10 acres
MLS Number: 30014854
149 Ridge Run Drive, Whitefish
149 Ridge Run Drive
5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5761 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.47 acres
MLS Number: 30019830
137 Prairiesmoke Circle, Whitefish
137 Prairiesmoke Circle
4 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms
Living Area: 6419 Sq. Feet
Land: 1.53 acres
MLS Number: 30023641
320b Wood Run Drive, Whitefish
320b Wood Run Drive
7 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5570 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.07 acres
MLS Number: 30006830
1148 Glades Drive, Whitefish
1148 Glades Drive
5 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms
Living Area: 3709 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.75 acres
MLS Number: 30021665
177 Shooting Star Circle, Whitefish
177 Shooting Star Circle
5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5309 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.54 acres
MLS Number: 30023827
2347 Middle Road, Columbia Falls
2347 Middle Road
Columbia Falls, Private Pond
10 Bedrooms/9 Bathrooms
Living Area: 12851 Sq. Feet
Land: 19.41 acres
Waterfront: Other,Pond,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30002381
1019 Elk Camp Loop, Whitefish
1019 Elk Camp Loop
4 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5098 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.20 acres
MLS Number: 30018288
281,303 Ridge Line Drive 281,303, Lakeside
281,303 Ridge Line Drive 281,303 281,303
5 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms
Living Area: 4100 Sq. Feet
Land: 37.76 acres
MLS Number: 30020871
253 Tamarack Terrace, Lakeside
253 Tamarack Terrace
Lakeside, Flathead Lake
4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms
Living Area: 4688 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.50 acres
Waterfront: Dock Access,Lake,Navigable Water,Seawall,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30010642
43401 D Street, Dayton
Hollinger Team Exclusive!
43401 D Street
Dayton, Flathead Lake
4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5922 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.21 acres
Waterfront: Dock Access,Lake,Navigable Water,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30010482
33233 Mt Highway 35, Polson
33233 Mt Highway 35
Polson, Flathead Lake
5 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5632 Sq. Feet
Land: 3.79 acres
Waterfront: Navigable Water,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30012699
211 Arrowhead Drive, Whitefish
211 Arrowhead Drive
4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms
Living Area: 5399 Sq. Feet
Land: 1.96 acres
MLS Number: 30014756
115 Wishart Road, Columbia Falls
115 Wishart Road
Columbia Falls
5 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms
Living Area: 4789 Sq. Feet
Land: 48.30 acres
MLS Number: 30023583
415 Caroline Point, Lakeside
415 Caroline Point
Lakeside, Flathead Lake
4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms
Living Area: 2053 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.94 acres
Waterfront: Lake,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30022475
365 Echo Chalet Drive, Bigfork
365 Echo Chalet Drive
Bigfork, Echo Lake
2 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms
Living Area: 6960 Sq. Feet
Land: 3.57 acres
Waterfront: Dock Access,Lake,Navigable Water,Pond,Waterfront
MLS Number: 30022513
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