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Boat launches in Bigfork, MT

With the ice melting and the temperatures rising, fishermen and boat enthusiasts are getting eager to get out on the area lakes and rivers. Here are a few boat access sites in the greater Bigfork area that we like to use in the summer.

Wayfarer’s State Park is located just south of the village, right across Highway 35 from the infamous Burgertown. After enjoying a burger, you will enjoy a well maintained campground with restrooms, paved roads and large ramp.  There is a beautiful shoreline and park to take in the scenery, lay out on the rocks and take a swm. On a nice summer day, it gets pretty darn busy there and you may have trouble with parking.   There is a fee to enter the State Park.

Located in Bigfork Bay, this access is a bit hidden away and known mostly by the locals.  You get to it by turning off Hwy 35 on the first left south of the bride onto Bridge Street.  Then take the road behind Bigfork Harbor condominiums to the access.   Bigfork Fishing Access is well isolated and offers paved roads and ramp, restrooms, and some parking.  Bigfork Fishing Access is used mostly by locals jumping off the bridge (which you should never do!) and fishing in the current.

About 2 miles up the mouth of the Flathead River from Flathead Lake and more locally known as the access “underneath the big cross” on Hwy 82, lies the Sportsman’s Bridge Access. This is a great boat launch to use if you are still trying to decide if you want to boat up the river or go out on Flathead Lake. You will almost always find parking at this gravel road access.

Another launch on the Flathead River is also little known.  You get there off Riverside Rd and then turn onto Ranchettes Rd.  This access was recently improved with added parking.  The launch area is about 6 miles north of Flathead Lake.

One mile up Swan River and across the river from the Wild Mile walking path, you will find a small boat launch called Kernie Rapids.   The access has much calmer water and is a great spot to take canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats, and rafts up the river. Due to the shallow waters, motor boating is not recommended.  There is only parking for a few cars.

A great lake to visit is several miles NE of Bigfork called Echo Lake. Echo lake is known for its warm water and great fishing. The Echo Lake Access offers a concrete ramp, plenty of parking, and lots of beach access.  Decide to fill your boat up with snacks and gas as Echo Lake has no public vendor.

Lastly, about 20 minutes SE of Bigfork is the Swan Lake Day Use facility along Hwy 83.  There is a boat launch and great swimming & picnic beach.  If you have a Montana state license plate its free otherwise there is a small fee.



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