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Glacier Ranch – Kalispell

Glacier Ranch has been steadily filling up with builder spec homes and custom homes for the past several years   –  Mostly priced mid-range homes in ranch style.  Set west off Highway 2 it is centrally located in the valley and excellent proximity to Glacier Int’l Airport.  Paved roads wind through lightly wooded lots.

Homes for sale in Glacier Ranch:

281 Forest Edge Trail, Kalispell
281 Forest Edge Trail
Kalispell, N.n. Pond
4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms
Living Area: 1972 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.17 acres
MLS Number: 22005660
224 Forest Edge Trail, Kalispell
224 Forest Edge Trail
3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms
Living Area: 2016 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.24 acres
MLS Number: 22013091
472 Forest Edge Trail, Kalispell
472 Forest Edge Trail
3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms
Living Area: 2004 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.40 acres
Waterfront: Access Only
MLS Number: 22014279
291 Whispering Meadows Trail, Kalispell
291 Whispering Meadows Trail
3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms
Living Area: 1972 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.57 acres
MLS Number: 22013168
214 Soaring Pines Trail, Kalispell
214 Soaring Pines Trail
4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms
Living Area: 2344 Sq. Feet
Land: 0.48 acres
MLS Number: 22011379


Land for sale in Glacier Ranch:

54 Glacier Ranch Way, Kalispell
54 Glacier Ranch Way Lot 7
Land: 1.56 acres
MLS Number: 22002210
81 Glacier Ranch Way, Kalispell
81 Glacier Ranch Way Lot 4
Land: 1.53 acres
MLS Number: 22002207
60 Glacier Ranch Way, Kalispell
60 Glacier Ranch Way Lot 2
Land: 1.72 acres
MLS Number: 22002205
93 Glacier Ranch Way, Kalispell
93 Glacier Ranch Way Lot 3
Land: 1.06 acres
MLS Number: 22002206
37 Glacier Ranch Way, Kalispell
37 Glacier Ranch Way Lot 5
Land: 1.65 acres
MLS Number: 22002208
15 Glacier Ranch Way, Kalispell
15 Glacier Ranch Way Lot 6
Land: 1.23 acres
MLS Number: 22002209
53 Legend Trail, Kalispell
53 Legend Trail Lot 11
Land: 3.62 acres
MLS Number: 22002211


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