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Buyer Feedback… or the dreaded silence

How to interpret Buyer Feedback and Showing frequency:

1.  If there are no, or a low amount of inquiries, and few or no showings, then the market (Buyers) have rejected the price.  Pricing has missed the mark and is in need of a significant repositioning.  We typically recommend a 10% change in order to shift the property into a new price range.

2.  If there are some inquiries and showings, but no offers then statistics tell us you should have an offer by at least the 10th showing.  If this does not happen, it suggests a repositioning on price.  We typically recommend a 10% change unless specific comments from buyers would suggest a different amount.

3.  If there are numerous inquiries followed by offers, then the price was right on the mark and you’ll be negotiating a sale.


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