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Real Estate market trends – 2018 Absorption Rates

Absorption Rates give us an indication of how long it will take for Listed properties to be fully sold out based on last year’s rate of sale.   In other words, if no new properties came on the market, we could predict how many months it would take to have all of the properties sell in (continued…)

NW Montana Lakes – Winter Newsletter – January 2019

NW Montana lakes had an upswing overall in sales over 2018.  Here is our winter newsletter with a recap of all the sales on Swan Lake, Echo Lake, Lake Blaine, Lake of the Woods, Ashley Lake, Bitterroot Lake and McGregor Lake along with some commentary about the market.

Flathead Lake – Winter Newsletter – January 2019

Lets take a look back at the 4th quarter of 2018 on Flathead Lake for sales of lake homes, condominiums and land.  Here is our winter newsletter with a market review to look over.

NW Montana Waterfront Report for 3rd Qtr 2018

We are now sliding through the 3/4 mark for 2018 – Here is a look back over the first nine months of this year from the New Year to the end of September in our October 2018 newsletter.  For sales in the Flathead Valley that relate to real estate you are interested in, give us (continued…)

NW Montana real estate – Feb 2018 Review of Price Ranges

In this February 2018 newsletter: 1)  When is it a good time to list when you want to sell in the summer? 2)  Each year we crunch numbers from sales data to create an Absorption Rate table (see chart and explanation below). If you own property in the Flathead Valley find your home’s approximate value and (continued…)

Happy Customers in 2018!

The HOLLINGER TEAM Succeeds!    The following is the list of our team’s transactions around the Flathead Valley and across all price ranges in 2018.  In the prior year  in 2017, our team helped oodles of clients buy or sell (some more than once)!    If you would like more details on any of these sales, give us a (continued…)

When is it time to hire an accountant to do your taxes?

When It’s Time to Get an Accountant to Do Your Taxes Do you need a CPA? Or will a regular accountant do? Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2017 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

When the interest rate changes.

With the anticipation that banks and lenders are going to raise interest rates in 2017, Dane Hollinger helps Buyers and Sellers understand how a change in the interest rate can affect their “buyer power” and “selling power” in this video:

Appealing your taxes

The appraisal cycle in Montana is now every 2 years for most properties (still 6 years for properties classified as “Forest”).  Tax assessments are mailed out annually and usually appear sometime in the Spring, however in 2015 many didn’t receive their assessments until July.  We routinely receive phone calls from property owners (most on waterfront (continued…)

Buying home insurance

Buying a home for the first time, or need a little update on why?  Its good to call on several insurance companies to get a quote as they can vary widely.  A great way to get insurance company names is to ask your REALTOR, your parents, friends or a trusted business owner in the area (continued…)

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