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Aug 31, 2022 Popular Gray Paint is On Its Way Out

Sharing the upcoming trends in color palettes in case you were motivated over the winter to do some freshening up of your interior spaces.

Video: Do you have a Child Going off to College?

Video covering the thought of purchasing a home in the city where your child is going to college.

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When is it time to hire an accountant to do your taxes?

When It’s Time to Get an Accountant to Do Your Taxes Do you need a CPA? Or will a regular accountant do? Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2017 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

When the interest rate changes.

With the anticipation that banks and lenders are going to raise interest rates in 2017, Dane Hollinger helps Buyers and Sellers understand how a change in the interest rate can affect their “buyer power” and “selling power” in this video:

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Appealing your taxes

The appraisal cycle in Montana is now every 2 years for most properties (still 6 years for properties classified as “Forest”).  Tax assessments are mailed out annually and usually appear sometime in the Spring, however in 2015 many didn’t receive their assessments until July.  We routinely receive phone calls from property owners (most on waterfront (continued…)

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Buying home insurance

Buying a home for the first time, or need a little update on why?  Its good to call on several insurance companies to get a quote as they can vary widely.  A great way to get insurance company names is to ask your REALTOR, your parents, friends or a trusted business owner in the area (continued…)

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Furniture arrangement

Wondering how to position that new sofa…or how to make a new style with your same furniture? Here are some tips on furniture arranging!

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Ideas for your Backyard

I came across this article which had been shared on Facebook.  Its got fun ideas to enhance your backyard.  Some of the projects are more involved and some would just be fun to do with some youngsters.

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Myths about selling real estate

Should I listen to my neighbor on pricing?  Should I change out that stained carpet?  Can I sell my place “as-is”?  To help answer these question and others I came upon this great article this morning that talks about some common myths when selling a home or land.

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Dock and Shoreline improvements

Whether you own property on Flathead Lake, or another greater Flathead Valley area lake or river you’ll need a permit to do any improvements on your shoreline,  adding or fixing a dock, or even attending to trees and brush along the waterfront area.  Reading over the shoreline regulations through Flathead County Planning or Lake County (continued…)

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Heat Pumps (Geo-Thermal Systems)

Improving home energy efficiency is no longer a trend — it’s mainstream.   Scott is one of those people early on who built his home using a Geothermal (or “ground-source”) heating and cooling systems.   A geothermal system uses the temperature of the ground to condition the air that is distributed through the house using conventional duct (continued…)

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Our New Mobile Website – What, Why, and How answered!

Follow this link to see our mobile realty website! What:  After the recent launch in August of our new website, our stellar design team started work on changing it again to be “smartphone” and iPhone compatible.  It is now ready for you to use! Why:  Not only will you be able to do normal searches, (continued…)

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