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Dock and Shoreline improvements

Whether you own property on Flathead Lake, or another greater Flathead Valley area lake or river you’ll need a permit to do any improvements on your shoreline,  adding or fixing a dock, or even attending to trees and brush along the waterfront area.  Reading over the shoreline regulations through Flathead County Planning or Lake County Planning offices and getting the proper permit BEFORE you start can eliminate a huge headache not to mention expenses.

In both Flathead County and Lake County this covers land on the perimeter of the lake of all land area within twenty horizontal feet of the perimeter of the lake;   The perimeter of the lake is defined as the mean annual high water elevation.  Property within the Flathead Reservation also require permits under the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes for the shoreline protection area covering the area below the mean annual high water mark.  You should check these jurisdictions for work including:

A. Construction of channels or ditches;
B. Excavation;
C. Dredging: To remove muck, silt sediment, rock or vegetation;
D. Filling, including artificial beach creation;
E. Construction of lagoons;
F. Construction of living quarters, building, or other impervious surfaces;
G. Construction of boat service facilities, including the installation of fuel pumps or sewage pump out facilities;
H. Construction of aerial structures, including extensions into the air space;
I. Construction of retaining walls and breakwaters;
J. Construction of docks;
K. Installation of shore stations, boat rail systems, boat ramps, boat houses and shelters, boat storage and parking facilities, buoys and floating docks;
L. Installation of water lines, sewer lines or other utility lines or facilities;
M. Any major clearing or removal of natural vegetations;
N. Reconstruction of existing facilities;
O. Stockpiling brush, trees, vegetation, construction materials or debris;
P. The construction of decks, ramps, stairways, and walkways;
Q. The development of roads, roadways, and driveways;
R. Pilings
S. Any other work, not herein mentioned, that may have an impact on a lake, lakebed or lakeshore.


Flathead County Lakeshore Protection:
A.  Flathead County Lakeshore Regulations
B.  Flathead County Lakeshore Application sample

Lake County Lakeshore Protection:
A.  Lake County Lakeshore Protection Regulations
B.  Lake County Lakeshore Permit Application sample 

Salish and Kootenai Tribe Protection:
A. Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes – Shoreline Protection Ordinance 
B.  Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes – Shoreline Application sample 


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