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Haggling (otherwise known as Negotiating)

I’ve been watching an interesting show on PBS called “Market Warriors” which is about 4 antique buyers who are given challenges to buy and sell antiques.  The four buyers are followed around and you can watch their different methods of haggling to get the best deal.  The four have vastly different personalities and in any one show a different winner emerges.

I’ve very much enjoyed watching the four individuals and I’m reminded of the negotiations that we do in real estate.  I happened upon a timely article on “The 9 Rules of Haggling” today after watching two episodes of “Market Warriors” last evening (Yes, I was a couch potato!)  I was commenting to my husband that the winner in two straight shows was a young man who showed amazing respect and a very friendly demeanor to the various vendors he was haggling with.  He really honestly seemed to enjoy talking and sharing & learning information about the subject antique with each personality he came across.

The exchange was reminiscent of a recent transaction where I had a buyer and a seller really connect over a property.  Sure, there were negotiations that happened, but all along both parties felt there was respect involved and a sense of fairness.  The “Haggling” article really touched on the art whether it is a small item involved or as big as a real estate transaction.

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